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Biker TattoosI guess we can look at the history of cursive tattoos being a popular choice for people for many generations. From the boy going away to war and getting his mothers name emblazoned across his shoulder, to the young lover who gets his sweet hearts name tattooed on his chest, cursive tats have withstood the test of time and there doesn't seem to be any stopping in their popularity.

There are fathers that have their children's names written lovingly across their chest, a testament to the love they have for their child. These can be fathers that do a nine to five job as an accountant and it is just as popular with them to have cursive tattoos as it is for the guy who drives a truck interstate to have his dog's name inked across his wrist.

Cursive tattoos are popular with both males and females, and the message is as varied as the person requesting the ink job. Before you choose the message, you should choose the degree with which the message shall be read. You see, many times, cursive tattoos can be written with such "tight" lettering that they are basically illegible and have to be deciphered by the wearer should you enquire.

This serves a purpose if the wearer has a message that is personal in nature and does not want to share it with others readily. One subscriber of cursive name tattoos that I personally know of has the recipe to his mothers best dish tattooed across his waist. It is difficult to read if you aren't sitting there and concentrating on what it says. He does this because his mother was a great cook, he says, and this was the best dish she ever made and he wants to take the recipe with him to the grave!

Ok, so your mothers recipe may not be exactly your kettle of fish, but cursive tattoos are as unique to the wearer as much as the message is.

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