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Wolf tatto ,Wolf tatto ,Wolf tatto
Wolf tatto 

Origin Of Wolf Tattoos

Wolves, given their critical repute in the Native American culture, found an auspicious place as body art. The meaning of wolf tattoos in their culture used to range from spirituality to downright masculinity. They were considered to be the shamans or the harbingers of future events. They were greatly revered as epitomes of loyalty and success. Their nature of confronting enemies in unity (known as pack) signifies their discipline and loyalty.

It is also believed that Remus and Romulus, the founders of the ancient city of Rome, were brought up by a she wolf. This signifies its compassion and warmth.

Wolf Tattoo Meanings

Wolf tattoo meanings have various interpretations in various cultures. A few of them could be stated as:

Wolf Howling At The Moon
This is by far the most popular amongst all wolf tattoos. It depicts a howling wolf silhouetted against a murky lunar background. It resembles death and the mysteries lurking the depth of darkness.

Wolf Looking Through The Paws
This tattoo resembles a wolf's face peering through its paws. It portrays a darker theme of resilience and composure.

Wolf Skull
This one represents a wolf's skull sharing a striking resemblance with a demon which lends a ghoulish appeal. Another interesting wolf tattoo which could be sported by people interested in darker themes.


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